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Pocket Black 1-button Headset (Universal)

Pocket Black 1-button Headset (Universal)

1-button headset (Universal headset with mic)

Designed for those who love good sound & great design.

Pocket is designed to have an optimal fit for most ears, they are comfortable and gives an ergonomic fit. At the same time it is optimized for those use headphones as a headset for making and receiving calls. 

Pockets sound spectra delivers a carefully tailored sound, well balanced with a good midrange, deep bass and rich treble. The backside of Pockets housing is made out of solid aluminum to minimize sound loss.

For better comfort when practicing sports Pocket comes with silicone buds for a secure fit when in movement.

The 1-button microphone makes it possible to use all the functionality of your Smartphone as most Apple iPhone®, HTC® LG® Samsung® Sony® and Nokia® and BlackBerry®

Pocket is packed with useful accessories like the tangle-free cables and extra buds to help your life get a little easier.

Pocket Couture.

20 EUR